The Engine Company Officer, From the Firehouse to the Fire Floor

Presented by FDNY Lt. Tim Klett, a 30 year veteran of the fire service…

This class covers the many key decisions before, during and after any fire incident. These decisions can ultimately make or break the operation and put lives at risk. The size, placement and operation of the first line have a direct impact on the success of the operation and all of these decisions fall on the shoulders of the first due Engine officer, making him a key player on the fire ground.

This seminar is presented by the Charter Oak FOOLS. Proceeds to support the replacement of Brother Brian Rykowski’s vehicle.

Contact: Rich Driscoll 860-209-1062 or or Jay Dixon 860-985-7338

$30 donation (light snacks and beverages provided)

6pm Social hour and class begins at 7pm

Reserving tickets ahead is encouraged, but tickets will be available at the door.

4 thoughts on “The Engine Company Officer, From the Firehouse to the Fire Floor

  1. I was wondering where the upcoming class is going to be held. It’s doesn’t say on the website.



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